your wedding pick me up


shiramisu might mean “pick me up” in italian. but shira means “song” in hebrew. thus, my name means i’m predisposed to love music. here, some of my favorite tunes for those key wedding moments.

"tunes"day: 'you are the best thing'

i was thinking it's time to show ray lamontagne a little love. and i was all set to post a different tune song today, but in chatting with a new reader, decided to honor one of her favorites. and now one of mine.

i must confess that i'm more of an old-school ray fan, but i'm now listening to his newer albums and making up for lost time.

without further 'you are the best thing'. are you tapping your feet? thought so. are you going to play the song again? yep.

i tried to select a few of my favorite lines to quote here, but couldn't do it. read the lyrics for yourself and you'll understand.


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