your wedding pick me up


shiramisu might mean “pick me up” in italian. but shira means “song” in hebrew. thus, my name means i’m predisposed to love music. here, some of my favorite tunes for those key wedding moments.

"tunes"day: 'you and i'

i love stevie wonder so much that it's been hard to choose just one of his songs to post. so i'll keep delaying that inevitable inner turmoil and select a cover of one of his songs, by another one of my favorite artists: michael bublé.

i spent my birthday with michael, you know. sadly, we weren't alone. thousands of strangers were there too, and instead of an intimate venue, it was madison square garden. but it was a special night, and this is a special song. the kind that gets you down in your gut and pulls at those heart strings. the kind that would be a top notch choice for your first dance. the kind that justifies you getting dance lessons so you and your honey look as smooth as it sounds when it's playing at your reception.