your wedding pick me up


shiramisu might mean “pick me up” in italian. but shira means “song” in hebrew. thus, my name means i’m predisposed to love music. here, some of my favorite tunes for those key wedding moments.

"tunes"day: 'all i want is you'

as a wedding guest i'm always excited to find out what song the couple has selected to dance their first dance to. so when my friends got hitched the week before last i was pleasantly surprised to hear some u2 as they hit the dance floor. i gotta confess, i never really thought of u2 songs as love songs, but hearing 'all i want is you' in that context totally changed my mind. i really like the arena rock sound and the build up from the super mellow strings-and-vocals beginning to the full-on rock song it becomes three minutes in.


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