your wedding pick me up


shiramisu might mean “pick me up” in italian. but shira means “song” in hebrew. thus, my name means i’m predisposed to love music. here, some of my favorite tunes for those key wedding moments.

"tunes"day: 'never tear us apart'

why not bring some of the "charm" of the 80s to your wedding? no, not teased hair and shoulder pads, or blue eyeshadow up to your thick eyebrows—save that for a costume-themed bachelorette party! how about playing a little INXS?

here's what i'm thinking... after your bridal party has walked down the aisle, you cue 'never tear us apart' and the instrumental starts to play. but don't rush to the altar just yet...wait 15 seconds until the first verse starts (plus a little pause before the bride makes her entrance is always good). imagine walking down to 'don't have to tell you, i love your precious heart. i, i was standing, you were there, two worlds collided and they will never tear us apart". if your aisle on the shorter side and you can make it to your man by 49 seconds in, there's a great break before the song picks up. if you need more time, you can either enter earlier or just fade out once you're front and center.


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