your wedding pick me up


shiramisu might mean “pick me up” in italian. but shira means “song” in hebrew. thus, my name means i’m predisposed to love music. here, some of my favorite tunes for those key wedding moments.

"tunes"day: 'let my love open the door'

in my book, there's a direct correlation to my favorite moves and how much i love their soundtracks. one such flick i really enjoy is 'dan in real life' and the soundtrack that's performed nearly entirely by sondre lerche is also a keeper. in particular, his cover of pete townsend's 'e. cola mix' version of 'let my life open the door'. not that i don't love steve carrell's rendition in the actual film, it's just that sondre's is just so very spot on--and versatile for a ceremony (even a reading!) or first dance song.

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