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i've always been into graphic design and typography. which means that by default, i tend to obsess over the paper elements involved in a wedding... from the invitation suite to the program to the favor tag. so the thing is, a fabulous font really makes a difference. particularly if the paper item is  DIY labor of love. just because it's being done on the cheap or at home, there's no reason you have to stick to the 12 basic fonts your computer came with. of all the stationery pieces i've designed this year (i'll show you soon, i promise), i've integrated fonts i've downloaded online.

so, without further ado... i'm letting you in on a few of my favorite sites:


free fonts

fonts for peas

Screen shot 2010-12-20 at 10.10.42 PM
Screen shot 2010-12-20 at 10.10.42 PM

if you've got good penmanship, turn your handwriting into a font! but don't even think about using it for your thank you notes. that's what a pen is for. learn how with your fonts.